Your privacy is important to us. India Grid Trust (“IndiGrid” or “We” or “Us” or “Our”)values and takes the privacy of personal and sensitive information with utmost seriousness. For purposes of this Privacy Policy, IndiGrid would mean and include India Grid Trust, its subsidiaries, Portfolio Assets and Indigrid Investment Managers Limited (acting as the investment manager of India Grid Trust). We believe it is important for you to know how we treat the information we receive from you while accessing this website and materials published thereon. This Privacy Policy explains the nature of personal data we collect from you and the manner of dissemination thereof. By choosing to enter and use this website, you expressly and unconditionally agree to the terms and conditions as set out here under, and provide full consent to it including provisions relating to the collection, use and sharing of data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with or choose not to be bound by, this Privacy Policy, please refrain from accessing this website.

Please read the following to learn about our information gathering, storing, and/or sharing practices.

  1. Information which may be collected and used

When you choose to enter and use this website, certain information including personally identifiable information pertaining to you, may be collected by us. Such information may include your email address, name and contact details. There are following two broad categories by way of which information relating to you may be collected by us.

  • Use of any specific feature or section:

If you choose to avail any specific feature or visit any specific section on this website, where you may have to provide your personal information such as your contact details to us, this data, as provided by you gets collected. Such use of any specific feature or section of the website, may include:

  • Contacting through the communication or reporting channels on this website
  • Posting any message, feedback, comment in designated section on this website
  • Filling up any forms including any surveys posted on this website
  • Subscribing for any alerts on this website

The information that is voluntarily provided by you, while using any specific feature or section on this website, or as may be required to access such specific feature or section, is collected by us and may be used for purposes, as set out below. This information may primarily be referred and/or used, to address the communication, request (if any) or concerns initiated by you, collecting information for providing users with more efficient and seamless experience of using this website or any sections there of, updating existing or creating new policies and/or for general maintenance of database.

  • General visit or browsing:

If you choose to visit this website and generally navigate through the website, there may be certain data or information which may be  gathered by us. Such data may include user’s domain name, IP address and URL, which is used by you to visit this website. This data which is collected by such general visits or navigation of the website, may be referred and/or used, primarily for purposes of any internal research including relating to user preferences, interests, and statistics, for enhancing the contents or features on the website, for upgrading the security measures and policies, for optimizing the user’s experience and/or for any internal archival purposes.

  1. Information which may be shared

The information and data which may be collected as stated in the foregoing paragraph, may be shared with or disclosed to any of our other group entities, and affiliates in furtherance of the same purposes that are set out in the foregoing paragraphs 1(I) and 1(II). Further, certain personal information may reasonably be required to be shared with our lawyers, advisors, or consultants, for dealing with any claims, taking legal action including against any fraudulent activities, obtaining advice, legal protection and remedies, under law and/or for any other legal and advisory purposes. Additionally, we may be required to share the requisite information (which may include any such personal information) with any legal, statutory, regulatory, judicial, Governmental and other authorities, forums and tribunals, to meet any requests, orders, summons, instructions and/or legal process or otherwise under law or in good faith, for purposes including enforcement of or protection of Disclaimer (as set out on this website), any intellectual property rights, proprietary rights, legal rights, property and personal safety of users or general public.

  1. Security Measures

We have adopted and shall endeavor to implement reasonable measures for protection and security of the information / data which is under our possession and control, from any loss, unauthorized access, or use. However, this protection shall not cover any information or data which is either publicly posted or otherwise generally known to or accessible by others. Further, this is without prejudice to anything contained in the foregoing paragraph relating to sharing of information. The personal information (including any sensitive information) as defined under the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (“Act”), which is collected by us, is stored and processed, using reasonable security and protection measures, as well as procedures in consistency with the Act and rules made thereunder.

  1. Cookies

While you may access this website, certain cookies may be placed and accessed on your computer. Such cookies may be placed, for the purposes including providing convenient use of the website and to enhance safety. If your browser allows, you may choose not to accept the cookies, however by not allowing the cookies, you may not be able to fully access all features of the website. Further, there may be certain cookies or similar devices, which may be placed by any third party. We do not take any responsibility for third party cookies, so placed on your computer, while accessing this website.

  1. Other Sites

In the event that, you are clicking on any links or accessing other websites through our website, which redirects you to a webpage, other than our website, we do not take responsibility for the content of, privacy policy of, practices followed by or the information gathered by, such website.

  1. Your Consent

By using this website and/ or by providing your information, you give consent to the collection, use and sharing of such information you may disclose or that may otherwise be accessed by us, as set out in the foregoing paragraphs, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Changes to this Policy

This Privacy Policy may be subjected to any changes or amendments, including revision or updation, at any time. In case any changes are made to this Privacy Policy, the updated version of the same shall be published on this website. Such updated version of the Privacy Policy shall then bind the users, if they choose to enter and use this website.

  1. Grievance Officer

The name and contact details of the Grievance Office in accordance with Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made there under, are as stated below:

Name: Mr. Satish Talmale

Email address: