• Represents Economic Ownership

IGL= IndiGrid Ltd, IGL1 = IndiGrid 1 Ltd , IGL2 = IndiGrid 2 Ltd, BDTCL = Bhopal Dhule Transmission Company Ltd, JTCL = Jabalpur Transmission Company Ltd, RTCL = RAPP Transmission Company Ltd, PKTCL = Purulia & Kharagpur Transmission Company Ltd, MTL = Maheshwaram Transmission Ltd, PTCL = Patran Transmission Company Ltd, NTL = NRSS XXIX Transmission Ltd, Kallam = Kallam Transmission Ltd, OGPTL = Odisha Generation Phase II Transmission Ltd, ENICL = East-North Interconnection Company Ltd , GPTL = Gurgaon Palwal Transmission Ltd, JKTPL = Jhajjar KT Transco Pvt Ltd, PrKTCL = Parbati Koldam Transmission Company Ltd, NER-II = NER II Transmission Ltd, RSTCPL = Raichur Sholapur Transmission Company Pvt Ltd, KhTL = Khargone Transmission Ltd, Solar I & II = IndiGrid Solar-I (AP) Pvt Ltd and IndiGrid Solar-II (AP) Pvt Ltd, TNSEPL = TN Solar Power Energy Pvt Ltd, UMD = Universal Mine Developers & Service Providers Pvt Ltd, TKSPL = Terralight Kanji Solar Pvt Ltd, TRSPL = Terralight Rajapalayam Solar Pvt Ltd, Solar Edge = Solar Edge Power and Energy Pvt Ltd, TSEC = Terralight Solar Energy Charanka Pvt Ltd, PLG = PLG Photovoltaic Pvt Ltd, TSETPL = Terralight Solar Energy Tinwari Pvt Ltd, USUPL = Universal Saur Urja Pvt Ltd, Globus = Globus Steel & Power Pvt Ltd, TLPatlasi = Terralight Solar Energy Patlasi Pvt Ltd, TLNangla = Terralight Solar Energy Nangla Pvt Ltd, TLGadna = Terralight Solar Energy Gadna Pvt Ltd, GGEL = Godawari Green Energy Ltd, KBPL = Kilokari BESS Pvt Ltd, TSESPL = Terralight Solar Energy Sitamauss Pvt Ltd, IPTL = Ishanagar Power Transmission Limited, DPTL = Dhule Power Transmission Limited, RSUPL = ReNew Solar Urja Private Limited, KTCO = Kallam Transco Limited, GBPL = Gujarat BESS Pvt Ltd

  • *IGL also holds 100% of Virescent Infrastructure Investment Manager Pvt Ltd (VIIMPL), along with its wholly owned subsidiary Virescent Renewable Energy Project Manager Pvt Ltd (VREPMPL), which will be merged with IGL
  • #PrKTCL held in a Joint Venture with Power Grid holding 26% stake
  • +Balance ownership of Terralight Solar Energy Sitamauss Pvt Ltd, held by Brookfield entities
  • ^5% of KBPL is owned by the technical project partner AmpereHour Solar Technology Pvt. Ltd.
  • $51% economic interest held by IGT