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TKSPL acquired 12.41 MWp (10.00 MW AC) solar project from Jakson Power Private Limited in Aug ’22. Lalitpur Project is engaged in carrying on the business of setting up, generating and selling of renewable power from its ground mounted solar power plants located at Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh. Jakson Power had entered into a PPA with Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (“UUPCL”) for implementation of a 12.41 MWp Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Unit in the State of Uttar Pradesh, under which it has a commitment to sell electricity for a period of 12 years. As per the PPA the term can be extended to further 13 years on willingness of the developer.

Details of TKSPL’s project II elements are set forth as follows:

Element Location Specifications Actual commission date Expiry of term of the PPA
Lalitpur Uttar Pradesh AC capacity: 10 MW; DC capacity: 12.41 MWp Mar 2015 25 years (12 fixed +13 extendable) from declared COD date

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