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JKTPL was incorporated on May 19, 2010. JKTPL entered into a TSA on May 28, 2020. Based on the competitive bidding process conducted by HVPNL), PTL and TEECL were awarded the JKPTL project through public private partnership on design, build, finance, operate and transfer basis with viability gap funding. Upon receiving the letter of award from HVPNL by way of the letter dated April 15, 2010, KPTL and TEECL incorporated JKTPL as a limited liability company. HVPNL has granted JKTPL the concession, including the exclusive right and authority to construct, operate and maintain the JKTPL project and to provide transmission services, for a period of 25 years with effect from November 9, 2010, being the appointed date, unless extended by HVPNL. The net depreciated value of the asset as of December 31, 2020 is nil. In October, 2020, we completed the acquisition of 100% of the equity shares of JKTPL from KPTL and TEECL.

Details of the JKTPL’s transmission lines are set forth as follows:

Transmission Line / Substation Route Length (ckms) Specifications Commissioned Date Expiry of TSA term
Jharli (Jhajjar) -Kabulpur (Rohtak)70400 kV March 12, 2012March 2037 (with an extension period of 10 years by HVPNL)
Kbulpur (Rohtak) -Dipalpur (Sonepat)134400 kVMarch 12, 2012
Dipalpur substation Abdullapur - Bawana line0.7400 kV S/C loop in loop out line at 400kV substation Dipalpur of 400 kV D/C line at from Abdullapur-BawanaMarch 12, 2012
Kabulpur (Rohtak) substation-400 kV/220 kV/ 132 kVMarch 12, 2012
Dipalpur (Sonepat) substation-400 kV/220 kV/ 132 kVMarch 12, 2012

The average quarterly availability of JKTPL since commissioning is set forth in the table below:

*Quarterly data is calculated as an average of three months data, based on the monthly availability certificates