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IGL= IndiGrid Limited,, IGL1 = IndiGrid 1 Limited , IGL2 = IndiGrid 2 Limited, BDTCL = Bhopal Dhule Transmission Company Limited, JTCL = Jabalpur Transmission Company Limited, RTCL = RAPP Transmission Company Limited, PKTCL = Purulia & Kharagpur Transmission Company Limited, MTL = Maheshwaram Transmission Limited, PTCL = Patran Transmission Company Limited, NTL = NRSS XXIX Transmission Limited, OGPTL = Odisha Generation Phase II Transmission Limited, ENICL = East-North Interconnection Company Limited , GPTL = Gurgaon Palwal Tranmission Limited, JKTPL = Jhajjar KT Transco Private Limited, PrKTCL = Parbati Koldam Transmission Company Limited, NER-II = NER II Transmission Limited, FRV = FRV Solar Assets (two SPVs)

Sterlite Power continues to be a sponsor with ~0.3% equity stake
Sterlite Power holds 26% stake in IIML
#PrKTCL held in a Joint Venture with Power Grid holding 26% stake


Esoteric II Pte. Ltd ( an affiliate of KKR)
Esoteric II Pte. Ltd. is one of the Sponsors of IndiGrid. Esoteric II Pte. Ltd. is a company affiliated with funds, vehicles and/or entities managed and/or advised by affiliates of KKR. Founded in 1976, KKR is a leading global investment firm with approximately US$367 billion of assets under management as of March 31, 2021, that KKR sponsors investment funds that invest in private equity, credit and real assets and has strategic partners that manage hedge funds. Esoteric II Pte. Ltd. had initially invested ₹10,840 million in IndiGrid in May 2019 through a preferential equity issue. The sponsor also participated in the Rights Issue in April 2021 and currently owns ~24% stake in IndiGrid. Separately, Electron IM Pte. Ltd., an affiliate of KKR currently owns owns 74% of the issued, paid-up and subscribed capital of the Investment Manager.

SponsorSterlite Power Transmission Limited
Sterlite Power Transmission Limited is one of the leading independent power transmission companies operating in the private sector in India. SPTL also serves as the Project Manager for our Portfolio Assets (other than JKTPL and PrKTCL) with the responsibility of operating and managing all our power transmission assets and has extensive experience in bidding, designing, financing, constructing and maintaining power transmission projects across India and Brazil.

Investment Manager

Investment ManagerIndiGrid Investment Managers Limited (formerly Sterlite Investment Managers Limited) is the Investment Manager for IndiGrid and takes decisions concerning the assets of IndiGrid. The Investment Manager has overall responsibility for setting the strategic direction of IndiGrid and deciding on the acquisition, divestment or enhancement of assets of IndiGrid in accordance with its stated investment strategy.

For details on the Board of Directors & Key Mangement please click the link.